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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like fried chicken? Our partner, Fas Mart, features an in-house deli (certain locations) and is known for its craveable fried chicken. We even heard it was award-winning…choose rotisserie or wings if you prefer.

As a Corporate Architect for GPM Investments, LLC (Fas Mart), RAD has worked in the automotive sector for the last few years, and that includes successfully completing schematic 3D design and construction documents for multiple Fas Mart locations around the region, with three of the most recent projects now under construction.

GPM Investments, the 6th largest convenience store chain in the country, acquired 263 stores from VPS Convenience Group in 2013. While typically not the dominant retailer in most markets, it remains competitive by often taking alternative strategies on key items and categories, keeping them well in the race as a leader.


GPM Investments, LLC Acquisitions

This past week has seen many people visiting store #31. The feedback has been nothing but spectacular; many compliments on the drastic transformation this store has under taken over the last few months. The transformation has been nothing short of shocking!   I wanted to thank you all for all of the hard work and efforts that each of you put into this transformation. Great job!  Thank you.

AEC Team Kudos  //  GPM Construction Manager – June 2021

AEC Team Kudos

GPM Construction Manager, June 2021