Every client is a partnership that RAD enters with integrity and responsiveness.

Every project is a collaboration in which we engage with the expertise to minimize our client’s risk.

It’s a whole lot less about us and our designs than it is about our clients and their projects. We know that a project has to work on a spreadsheet before it works on an easel, and that it has to work for the customers for it to work for the owner. We take great care to focus on the project’s ambitions and challenges before we ever begin to create a solution.

RAD leverages all of the latest design tools and technology in the industry to maximize our staffs efficiency. From concept to construction, we create all of our work using 3D software. This allows us to produce construction drawings and renderings from the same process, helping our clients to visualize and then market their projects. As the project evolves, design changes can easily be re-rendered and evaluated to see the impact of each decision.

A Charlotte Architect with a regional presence and headquartered in the South End, RAD offers architectural, master planning, renovation and design services to both public and private clients. RAD is a LEED Accredited firm comprised of creative professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of projects including corporate facilities, assisted living, mixed-use developments, retail centers and renovations.  RAD is currently licensed in the following 14 states and growing:  NC, SC, GA, FL, VA, TN, AL, MS, KY, OH, MS, TX, PA and LA

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